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Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Rinaldi ITALIA

Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Rinaldi is a non-profit organization based in Bologna, Italy, founded in 2006.
The objective of the Foundation is to promote and develop projects that can help the social inclusion of people with disabilities using sport as the most powerful tool.

In 2010, the Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Rinaldi began to trace accessible itineraries in the Apennines of northern Italy for disabled cyclists, using mountain tandem, hand bicycles or special wheelchairs to enjoy nature and practice outdoor sports .

In 2016, the Fondazione per lo Sport Silvia Rinaldi launched the website which includes an interactive map that shows, at this moment, more than 60 devices accessible throughout Italy.


National Sports Academy (NSA)

NSA was established 75 years ago – in 1942. This is the first and unique higher education institution in Bulgaria with the mission of preparing highly qualified sports specialists for the purposes of the sport system and Olympic movement in the country.

NSA provides education and training programs through its three faculties:

-Sport (Coaching)
-Kinesitherapy (Physiotherapy).

There are 3000 students at all degree and continuing training programs and about 500 teachers and researchers working for the NSA.

Sport (Coaching) qualifications relate to 58 sports preparing instructors and coaches.

The institution offers 12 Master programs part of which are in Bulgarian and part are in English. NSA participates actively in the programs of EU for education and training. Teacher and student mobility has been realized for more than 10 years on the basis of contracts with 37 European institutions. NSA has implemented over 80 international projects during the program generation LLP and the current Erasmus plus program.

NSA works in close cooperation with all national authorities in sport and sports education.

It contributes actively to the implementation of the global sport objectives and European values being partner of the National Olympic Committee. NSA develops and disseminates the principles of the Olympic idea in the study programs for PE teachers, qualification programs and direct contact with PE teachers, regular meetings with coaches from all over the country and citizens.

Through participation in national conferences and international events NSA teachers, researchers and students disseminate the place and  the role of EU sports values for the global world sport integrity.


Municipality of Agueda

The Municipality of Águeda ( is located in the Centro Region of Portugal. The Municipality is composed of eleven parishes with 46.713 inhabitants (Census 2016). The city of Agueda is the main urban centre. The Municipality mission is related to socioeconomic, environmental and territorial development. As a result, its actions are directed towards the needs of its local community, namely considering socioeconomic development, spatial planning, public supplying, basic sanitation, healthcare, education, culture, environment and sport.

Águeda plays host to a variety of national and international cultural and sport events. The most well known of these is AgitAgueda Art Festival, which annually attracts thousands of visitors throughout the month of July (

The Municipality provides support to about 30 sport clubs located within the borough. The “Sport for All” program aims to allow free access to sports activities for its citizens, including a number of sport opportunities for those with disabilities.

The history of Agueda is synonymous with two wheels, a tradition which continuous with the municipality being a major centre for bicycle production in Europe. The city continues to invest in the development of cycling infrastructure for the people of Agueda. In 2017, we inaugurated the Agueda Bike Park, which has a wide variety of trails, including those specifically designed to allow the use of adaptive bikes.

This unique environment has fostered the development of a close relation with International Mountain Bicycling Association Europe (IMBA Europe). In 2017, Agueda played host to the IMBA Europe Summit.


Play & Train

Play and Train is a non-profit social business,  Spanish NGO born in 2008 and declared of public interest in 2012.

The values of Play and Train are responsibility, commitment, professionalism, team work and progress. Its primary objective is to help people with an impairment and their families to have the same rights and opportunities in practicing, learning and training all kind of leisure and sports activities, regardless of their capacity, gender and age. 
Play and Train fosters people with an impairment in practicing  sports, and they have different programs to achieve their goals:

  • Play and Hospital: Focused on people who have acquired an impairment and started a rehabilitation or suffer from a congenital impairment. People can benefit from spending time outside the hospital, practising activities like surfing, skiing or mountain biking outdoors, and speed up their recovery.
  • Play and Snow: our snow program takes place in La Molina. Over the years, we have worked and trained with a variety of Paralympic Committees, National Teams and Clubs, helping them develop snow sports. Play and Train plans educate, trains future athletes and coaches and support with the selection of sport and adapted equipment. The activities target both people with and without impairment.
  • Ski and Train: skiing or snowboarding training programs for children and youngsters with an impairment that have a desire to compete. We help them reach the perfect technical execution.
  • Play and Surf: The Surfing base camps takes place in Barcelona and Fuerteventura. We educate people with or without an impairment on how to ride waves and enjoy and improve their physical aspects, self-confidence and social relationships.
  • Play and Adventure: our adventure program includes activities  such as biking, trekking, kayaking, mountain sports camps. Being in contact with nature and practising sport is positive for self-confidence of children with impairments.
  • Play and Education: our training offers tools for people involved in social and tourism so they can learn to work and live with individuals with different capabilities. The program take place in schools and teach girls and boys to become aware of and learn about people with an impairment / "with different capabilities".

"we bike together - training and trail mapping in Europe"

is co-financed by the European Commission in the Erasmus+ Sport Programme

and it is developed by these organizations: