We bike together

Training and trail mapping in Europe

Aims of this projects are:

  • MAP handbike-practicable trails/routes in the European countries involved in the partnership
  • TRAIN volunteers and create guidelines (in OERs resources) on how to accompany disabled people while practicing handbike
  • PROMOTE SPORT among physical and sensorial disabled people, during a final international event for avocational handbikers

create guidelines on how to survey and map trails suitable for disabled people that practice offroad cycling

The project innovative aspects are related to:

  • Definition of a common method for the identification of 20 EU new trails that can be used by disabled bikers with the support of different types of off-road cycling equipment. Some of these trails are identified among already existing bike trails chosen and cared by local communities.

  • GPS mapping of each trail is being elaborated by EU experts and featured in order to garantee high safety standard for off-road disabled bikers: while moving in the nature bikers should always know where they are, that the trails have been tested and are safe, without barriers or with obstacles that can be faced by disabled bikers

  • The definition and common elaboration of training contents and final creation of free OERs aimed at training volunteers (Bikers’ Angels) to accompany disabled people during off road trips with handbikes/tandems.