Cartography and GPS

In order to provide a safe and fun exprience, it is mandatory to know how to use properly a GPS when approaching the "job" of being a guide or an accompanist in a bike ride.

If you want to know more about: 

  • which are the different kinds of GPS and digital maps;
  • how to properly setup a GPS;
  • how to perform a GPS survey of a trail;

and much more about GPS mapping software, please download the PDF file at the link on the side

Performing a track survey

If you wish to create new accessible itineraries, it is very important that you know how to properly perform a track survey, in order to be able to provide reliable data to the riders that will enjoy what you created.

From the link on the side you can download a document that can be used as a checklist when you start working as a surveyor; please read it carefully and make sure to provide a safe ride!

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